Anabolics for women

Anabolic and virilization effects for Women

Having a different shape from the rest and keeping a female face is a hard task for girls, as most steroids up in small doses depending on the person can virilize. Virilization is the shift from female face traits to stronger male traits, and this is caused by the use of androgenic steroids (testosterone and its derivatives).

We all know that testosterone is the male hormone responsible for the appearance of hairs, beard, mustache, voice signal more serious in boys! A woman using EAS (AES = Anabolic Steroids) on a large scale or even on a small scale, may transfer these male traits to her beautiful and sensitive little face. Looking at the photo above, I see a privileged girl who managed to have a big, strong shape and did not come to change the feminine traits of her face.

However, this is for a few select girls, a thing of individuality and genetics, the vast majority viriliza, even having a control of what is used and dosages.

Those who think that they will not virilize with oxandrolone or stano are wrong, because as said the degree of virilization varies from person to person. Using steroids on their own, with no notion of the substance they are putting in, can be fatal …. you can destroy your beautiful face in the first EAS cycle.

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Testosterone is the male hormone responsible for the striking features of the men I’ve mentioned above, so today you see yourself in the academies, streets, beaches, big women, giants full of acnes, radio announcer voice, and more facial beard of what a brat does not have.

This is all due to the abuse of highly androgenic EASs such as trenbolone, masterom, hemogenim and others! The unruly and disoriented use of steroids is creating an army of women with more masculine traits than many men, it is nothing more than the girl having a facial appearance, male voice ring … Ahhh! and clitoris enlargement as well, all of this is an aggravation of the use of testo and its derivatives!

Before using something, try to get in touch with a specialist about what you intend to send into your body, because it has side effects that are irreversible, ie a one-way trip and no return!

Do not go for what the instagram pseudo coach said, do not fall for the one that my friend used and said it is good and does not give anything because as I said before she may not have virilized or have presented some serious collateral more so you can come to give, everything is a matter of answer to the individual use.

This girl in the photo is certainly a blessed one, because she is in the face who is an EAS user, or is a phenomenon of genetics. I believe in the 1 option, she’s a blessed one who used her EAS, knew dosage and control and did not virilize, but as I said, that’s one in a hundred, most virilizes regardless of dosages being high or low.

So girls take care of themselves and do not fall into the lip of the guy who told you that this EAS is weak and will not virilize, that you can get sick, try to inform yourself long before using any type of EAS be it oral, gel or injectables, because you can not have the same luck as the Barbie maromba of the photo !!!

Seek help from a professional to mitigate these undesirable effects or go to the experts’ heads, face friends and urge that you might soon be the sports project.