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Anabolics and hormones to create a muscular body

Does GH Deliver Growth or Muscle Definition?

The Gh is certainly the consuming dream of any bodybuilder or even aspiring bodybuilder. You ask, everyone is crazy about this famous hormone.

Then you ask me, “Why does everyone want to use it?” The answer is simple, if you have created a myth about the GH figure, where he is able to leave the monster shape, dry, large and vascularized! That’s a truth, but it does not give way that they preach.

For GH to make the shape of a person grow, to be equal to the gringos shapes, it is not used PURO, other anabolic substances like insulin are added so that the shape gains volume.

Using pure GH only acts on fat burning, muscle definition and providing fine skin. So it’s wrong to think that using pure GH will make someone become a monster.

Another factor that I can not stop talking about is that these gringo shapes, like Olympia, used no less than 10/20 IU (daily product units) in combination of slim and other hormones and ergogenics! The Dorian Yates in testimony said that he used about 10 IU daily, for 10 years and did not use pure, has always been used in conjunction with slim and other ergogenics.

So do not be fooled into using 2/4 IU of pure GH for a month hoping to have top shape, the most that will happen if your diet is in agreement and your workout is up to date is that you will lower your BF (fat percentage ).

The minimum to see some results using GH, is 3 months of use with a minimum of 5ui per day! GH or popular ICE at low dosage, is used in the famous anti aging medicine that has proven effectiveness, no matter how many professionals say joke.

I see people deceived with 6 ampoules of GH, thinking that they will turn Colemam, buy and already post # agoravai # vemmonstro …

A serious warning: INSULIN is a highly dangerous hormone and its use may incorrectly lead you to the ground of the foot together, can go to death by hypoglycemia, become pre-diabetic and other problems more then you will not use me without a doctor help with this!

Do not think that GH is holy and does not cause problems. This is the most popular and expensive hormone a person can use. It can cause problems like carpal tunnel syndrome, acromegaly, can make sleeping tumors of cancer wake up and lead to death, well sooner than expected.

So if you use it it is usual to see if it does not have any tumor, because if you have and insist on using it will screw up!

Insulin, GH, steroids are medicines being thus, should only be prescribed by a doctor and not by his little friend, if it connects in the shape but never forget the health factor.

Anabolics and hormones to create a muscular body

14 Hormones That Help in Burning Fat

  1. Insulin: In the hierarchy of hormonal influencers for fat loss, insulin still reigns as “King” according to current evidence. This hormone, in relation to others, is most strongly influenced by carbohydrate intake and excess consumption of food, which causes an increase in blood sugar. High levels of chronic insulin eventually cause your body to become resistant to this hormone, which means you will have difficulty burning fat.
  2. Glucagon: It can be thought of as a good twin of insulin because these two hormones, in a healthy body, work together to keep the sugar and energy needs in balance. Glucagon has the opposite of insulin because at higher levels in the body it allows it to burn fat instead of storing it. If insulin levels are low then glucagon may start to help burn body fat.
  3. Ghrelin: This hormone is called the hunger hormone because levels increase in the body when you are physically hungry. If you are a little hungry then you are probably burning the excess fat in your body.
  4. Thyroid hormone: Produced by the thyroid gland, it helps to manage the body’s metabolic processes, including its potential for fat burning. This hormone is extremely sensitive to your lifestyle choices, including sleep (how long and how deep you sleep), nutrition (types and amounts of food), stress (acute or chronic), and exercise (longer intensity moderate or shorter of high intensity), etc. It influences every system in your body as you feel your inner and outer environment. Unfortunately, your thyroid gland is prepared to think that food will be scarce. That is why when someone is on a diet of eating less and exercising more, their thyroid will cause their body to slow down their metabolism.
  5. Cortisol: Known as the stress hormone, produced by the adrenal glands, it has a split personality in the body. In other words, it is not all bad or all good. Acute stress on the body tends to cause a short-term increase in this hormone. It prepares the body to fight or escape stress. Cortisol is released with HGH and testosterone and becomes an influence on fat burning.
  6. Leptin: The fuel gauge of our body is leptin. From fat cells, this hormone tells the brain how much fat there is in your body to burn. Leptin also helps the thyroid hormone. Unfortunately, overeating causes the leptin message in the brain to be ignored. This is also known as leptin resistance.
  7. Human Growth Hormone (HGH): Helps build muscle and burn fat at the same time. That is why it has the reputation of being an anti-aging hormone. Works closely with cortisol and adrenaline in order to keep you lean, strong and young. Lack of sleep and sedentary lifestyle makes this hormone almost non-existent in the body.
  8. Adrenaline: This hormone is secreted by the adrenal glands quickly when you exercise, and prepares your body to start burning fat. This hormone influences all other hormones, -especially HGH, cortisol and testosterone-to get into fat burning mode. It has a close working relationship with cortisol.
  9. Testosterone: This hormone helps give men their V-shape. With women, it’s the right mix of estrogen, progesterone and testosterone, which helps it give its shape. There are testosterone receptors throughout the male and female body, and as such, influences your state of well-being, lean mass, bone strength, and energy levels. Although testosterone has a stronger influence on the male body than the female body, women with very high levels can see and feel its negative effects.
  10. Estrogen: This hormone tends to have a stronger influence on the female body than the male body. However, men also require adequate amounts of estrogen to maintain a healthy body, yet at much lower levels than women. It is considered both a fat storage and fat burning hormone. Research indicates that this hormone allows women to deal with stress better than men.
  11. Progesterone: estrogen partner again, the bodies of men and women are influenced by progesterone. It also helps to decrease the negative effects of cortisol, thus indirectly contributes to the burning of fat.
  12. Incretinas (GLP and GIP): are secreted by the endocrine cells of the small intestine. They tell the body if there is more fat and sugar in the meal or more lean protein and vegetables in the meal. More fat and sugar in the meal causes the small intestine to release more GIP than LPG, and more protein and fiber in the diet causes more LPG release than GIP.

Eating more protein and vegetables influences the delivery of a stronger signal of GLP compared to GIP helping to burn fat.

  1. Neuropeptide Y: This hormone has a close relationship with cortisol, the stress hormone. High chronic levels increase energy consumption and fat storage of food as well as increase the number of fat cells in the body.
  2. Irisine: is a newly discovered hormone that is secreted into muscle tissue that has been exercised. It helps the body to burn excess fat, in addition to improving cognition and general well-being. It still appears to have anti-aging effects by stretching the telomeres.
Anabolics and hormones to create a muscular body

Some of the effects of EAS DIANABOL / ANABOL…

It took longer but it’s there! A little piece of paper for you! Today I will talk about Dianabol (Diana), an EAS (AES = Anabolic Steroids), the most popular and one of the oldest in use to date. It appeared in 1956 in the United States … This steroid is very androgenic, being used more in bulking, off season, for the gain of muscle mass. Much of the gain from this EAS is due to water retention, being found in the form of tablets and injectable, however, the injectable version has low effectiveness and hardly anyone uses it, being therefore the oral form most used and as it said, its gains are good on muscle mass and many like it for being oral and not needing the daily punctures of other EAS. In contrast, it is more toxic to the liver because it is an EAS ALPHA COCKED, alias EAS in tablets will always be more toxic to the liver, as it goes through a direct process of metabolization in figueredo !!!

There is no way to avoid side effects like ACNE, since GINECO you can take care of using preventive drugs like tamoxifen etc … I’ve seen too much brat with bitch teat for abuse of dianabol or hemogenim. These two EAS have, by obligation, to use an anti estrogen, otherwise my dear, will create tits right!

Let’s talk a little more commonly used dosages for men … the normally used dose of DIANABOL or DIANA as it is also called is 25 to 50 mg and at most reported 100 mg a day I think a lot for men, but some here they will say that they have used even more to get a good mass gain in bulking. However, the base dosages are even 25 to 50 mg safer … but each case is a case!

WOMEN recommended dosage: NONE !!! Step well away from this EAS or they will become the hairy cheetah monkey and with a tico bigger than that of the Bengal kid! This EAS is not recommended for women, but some use it on a very low scale even so they can not escape the damage, the collaterals generated by it!

The story of DIANA is as follows: back in the mid-1950s, Russians bothered American athletes too much in competitions, everyone knows that Russians are fucking in Olympic sports and that EAS use does not come from today in these sports. Then the Russians dominated the parade, and the Americans were already well-to-do with the advantage that the Russians had in everything. On one occasion, a Russian athlete stated that they used the synthetic test summarizing, they used the Diana in weightlifting and other modalities, and finally, reports say that the technician of the Russian Federation delivered in a drunkenness that they used the resource of Diana and thus the secret was spread by the world and to the other delegations. In short, the RUSSIANS are fucked and will always be when it comes to the sport of strength or any other Olympic sport, so for years and years have led the Olympic winning rankings!

Well, if this story is true or false, I do not know, I just know that I’ve read about it in several articles and I’m passing my version here for you, so do not call me LIARRR … liar ok!

The purpose of talking about Diana here is simply informative. I always say, whether to use any EAS go to the doctor and make the right stop, Diana is toxic to the liver and if they use it on a large scale and for more than 6 weeks, there may be strong side collars and if the person already has problems with the liver , it would be good to get away from Diana or Hemogenim, which are of medium high toxic grade.

Well, something to be said here for the weakest of mind, people with self-esteem problems, this EAS increases the volume of muscles very fast. However, at the same rate as the person increases, this volume can be lost, even more so if they are people with no idea how to handle, set up a cycle of steroids and do this on account … it will almost be the loss of this great volume and then, , will stay with the self-esteem that used to be a giant in the foot … The same will not be accepted in the social life because it will feel small, then once again will do the shit. Look for a qualified professional to do the right thing, then you are there withered and crying because everything is gone! Athletes know very well how to deal with high gains in muscle volume and losses as well, but lazy and crazy people who do everything God will give, they do not know how to cope with the wilting!

This stop here is getting too long and I think they are already sick of reading this, so I’m stopping and leave a little subject for part two, in a new article. I hope you have brought something good, information to you … today you have met DIANA or dianabol, a little bit of history and what is this EAS, I hope the language of the article has been as simple as possible and understood … Remember : health in the foreground! Want to use EAS, take pre-use tests, consult a doctor and walk the right way, life is one, watch over yours!

Anabolics and hormones to create a muscular body

What are IGF-1 Lr3 Peptides and what they do?

Come on, I’m going to talk a little about IGF-1 lr3 today, which, in my opinion, is one of the most complete and effective peptide group. You will know why this peptide is one of the most used by bodybuilders and in repair clinics and anti age (rejuvenation) treatment.

Regarding weight training, the Igf-1 peptide increases strength, muscle explosion, endurance and greatly improves muscle recovery, very much. It burns fats much more than your favorite thermogenic, but that’s not why it without diet will do the miracle. Diet always!

Benefits of IGF-1 Peptides Lr3

  • Improves protein synthesis (better use of the proteins you eat a day);
  • Very effective in anti-aging therapy, improving appearance of skin, hair and nails;
  • Stimulates increased production of white blood cells;
  • Improves cardiovascular and renal function;
  • It increases lean mass and greatly improves sexual activity. Your libido will give a cool up. Your partner will surely thank you!

In people with memory and concentration problems, considerable improvement was noted in this regard.

Well, those are the pros of using Igf – 1 lr3 peptide. Never confuse peptides with anabolic steroids or with growth hormone, because none has relationship to the other. Every monkey on your branch!

The groups of peptides are now great allies in the improvement of the appearance, either by an antiage treatment or even for aesthetic improvement. It is a good alternative for people who are afraid or schism to use Eas or even Gh, because their collaterals are very low. When well managed, I can say that the risk of collateral is zero!

Peptide is used more to give a final stoned in the shape of the bodys. Of course these use the mix of various peps, not just the ones I posted. There are the Ghrp6, epamorelin, igf fragment and others. Each with its function in the organism. Peptides are the pruning nectars of pros shape bodybuilders.

Of course many find that peps are a foolish expense, that only Gh, good and drugs are enough to shape a competitive shape. But, the reality is that the peptide is there to be used, either in specialized clinics or by the bodys to give that final top in the shape!

Always remember: Any EAS (AES = Anabolic Steroids), hormone, peptides or drugs should only be used with professional help and prescribed by them. Do not give a fuss and quit taking peptide without clinical guidance, in doses without base.