Does GH Deliver Growth or Muscle Definition?

Anabolics and hormones to create a muscular body

Does GH Deliver Growth or Muscle Definition?

The Gh is certainly the consuming dream of any bodybuilder or even aspiring bodybuilder. You ask, everyone is crazy about this famous hormone.

Then you ask me, “Why does everyone want to use it?” The answer is simple, if you have created a myth about the GH figure, where he is able to leave the monster shape, dry, large and vascularized! That’s a truth, but it does not give way that they preach.

For GH to make the shape of a person grow, to be equal to the gringos shapes, it is not used PURO, other anabolic substances like insulin are added so that the shape gains volume.

Using pure GH only acts on fat burning, muscle definition and providing fine skin. So it’s wrong to think that using pure GH will make someone become a monster.

Another factor that I can not stop talking about is that these gringo shapes, like Olympia, used no less than 10/20 IU (daily product units) in combination of slim and other hormones and ergogenics! The Dorian Yates in testimony said that he used about 10 IU daily, for 10 years and did not use pure, has always been used in conjunction with slim and other ergogenics.

So do not be fooled into using 2/4 IU of pure GH for a month hoping to have top shape, the most that will happen if your diet is in agreement and your workout is up to date is that you will lower your BF (fat percentage ).

The minimum to see some results using GH, is 3 months of use with a minimum of 5ui per day! GH or popular ICE at low dosage, is used in the famous anti aging medicine that has proven effectiveness, no matter how many professionals say joke.

I see people deceived with 6 ampoules of GH, thinking that they will turn Colemam, buy and already post # agoravai # vemmonstro …

A serious warning: INSULIN is a highly dangerous hormone and its use may incorrectly lead you to the ground of the foot together, can go to death by hypoglycemia, become pre-diabetic and other problems more then you will not use me without a doctor help with this!

Do not think that GH is holy and does not cause problems. This is the most popular and expensive hormone a person can use. It can cause problems like carpal tunnel syndrome, acromegaly, can make sleeping tumors of cancer wake up and lead to death, well sooner than expected.

So if you use it it is usual to see if it does not have any tumor, because if you have and insist on using it will screw up!

Insulin, GH, steroids are medicines being thus, should only be prescribed by a doctor and not by his little friend, if it connects in the shape but never forget the health factor.

Howard Fletcher